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EPIC Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team

star star star star star (4.6/5) 467 reviews
Irresistible Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team branded luxury gaming chair for the F1 enthusiast with 100% vegan-friendly, breathable and water-resistant hybrid material cover with high-precision manufacturing, as well as very comprehensive features and a variety of adjustment options.
Color: Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team
EPIC Feature


As a result of intensive research and development, the new noblechairs EPIC Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team - 2021 Edition is more than just a gaming chair. It is a symbol of collaboration and a declaration of love for everything that is the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team brand and F1 motorsport. The exclusive EPIC model represents the dedication, skill and success of the F1 World champions.

While remaining understated and timeless, the embroidered logo branding makes an elegant aesthetic statement. Precisely crafted and unique, the limited edition EPIC is both a chair and an expression of a passion and will give its owner years of pleasure. There is no more fitting way for an F1 enthusiast to show their support for Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team and motorsport.

EPIC Feature


The premium matt finish, the use of high-end material, and the matching head and lumbar support pillows that are included are in perfect alignment with the ergonomic refinement of the finest in gaming chairs.

The aerodynamic shape and the use of deformation-resistant cold foam upholstery are premium standard and ensure the chair can endure periods of prolonged sitting, evenly distributing the weight while being firmly supported in the seat, neck, and back, preventing pain.

As with state-of-the-art race car designs, the solid steel frame is the core of the EPIC Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team Edition. The all-metal frame is tightly covered and completely filled with the dense cold foam upholstery with no uneven spots. This is what lends the EPIC its strong and stable structure. Should additional neck- and lumbar support be required, two removable cushions complete with stitched logos are included.

EPIC Feature


The integrated rocking mechanism complete with locking function enables users to relax at the perfect angle with the help of a side-mounted lever. This lever allows users to lock the angle between the backrest and the seat pan, meaning that the noblechairs EPIC allows users to find the perfect seated position for maximum relaxation and comfort.

The counterpressure of the rocking mechanism can be dynamically adjusted via a rotary dial on the underside of the seat, and this - when combined with the smooth adjustability of the EPIC - results in unparalleled versatility along with superior ergonomics. This is one of the reasons why it receives official office chair certification in accordance with DIN EN 1335.

EPIC Feature


It is as if the hybrid material is an homage to the F1 race cars. The vegan-friendly PU-leather is UV fade-resistant, hydrolysis-resistant, tear-proof and durable, not to mention easy to clean - a perfect companion for all F1 enthusiasts.

The problems of heat and moisture development are thus counteracted without compromising the beauty of the chair, whose surface material is still visually reminiscent of leather. The hybrid PU material retains the look, smell and feel of full-grain leather while allowing air, heat and moisture to evaporate. This allows the seat and backrest area to keep skin surface cool and dry.

EPIC Feature


The noblechairs 4D armrests offer maximum adjustability across four directions: horizontally, laterally, vertically (height) along with an adjustable swivel angle. This makes achieving optimal ergonomics in line with your individual desk remarkably easy.

In addition to the variety of configuration options, the pleasantly soft polyurethane of the 4D armrests helps ensure long-lasting comfort while working or gaming at the PC. The lightly textured surface also ensures a pleasant non-slip feel.

EPIC Feature


The matt silver powder-coated base of the noblechairs EPIC consists of robust solid aluminum and this supports a weight of up to 265lbs / 120 kg.

This strong, perfectly balanced base allows noblechairs owners to relax and recline the backrest in comfort by up to 135°.

The five ‘PETRONAS green’ quiet-running casters (2.4") with nylon cores and a polyurethane (PU) coating run smoothly and effortlessly over hard- and soft flooring. A TÜV-Certified Safety Class 4 gas lift puts the final flourish to the smart design.

EPIC Feature

The noblechairs EPIC is the Best Gaming Chair of 2017, 2019, 2020!

The European Hardware Association awarded noblechairs' EPIC series the coveted EHA crown (2017, 2019 and 2020) in the "Best Gaming Chair" category three times already, putting it in the top spot to leave all competitors behind.


  • High-end hybrid cover material
  • Practical rocking function (max. 11°)
  • 4D Armrests with soft PU coating and maximum adjustability
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Two comfortable cushions included
  • Deform-resistant cold foam
  • Durable hydraulic gas lift (class 4)
  • Strong full aluminium five-point base
  • 60 mm casters for hard and soft flooring
  • Sturdy core constructed from steel
  • Max load of up to 120 kg / 265 lbs
  • Quiet 60 mm casters for hard and soft flooring
  • Safety Class 4 gas lift
  • Office chair certified in accordance with DIN EN 1335
  • Wide-angle tilt mechanism
  • Stylish air channels
  • Reclining function: max 11°
  • Adjustable backrest angle: 45° (90° to 135°)
  • Manufacturer's guarantee: 2 Years
  • Total weight: ca. 28 kg
  • Armrest depth: 24,5 cm
  • Armrests height (Lowest Chair Position): 63 - 70 cm
  • Armrests height (Highest Chair Position): 73 - 80 cm
  • Backrest height: 84 cm
  • Backrest inner width: 28 cm
  • Seat width: 57 cm
  • Contact area of the seat (depth): 46 cm
  • Contact area of the seat (width): 35 cm
  • Seating height: 47-57 cm
  • Total depth: 56 cm
  • Total height: 127-137 cm


  • Steel (frame)
  • Cold foam (inner cushioning)
  • PU/ Vinyl Hybrid Leather (cover)
  • Aluminum (base)
  • Polyurethane (armrests)
  • Nylon, Polyurethane (casters)

Assembly Instructions Video

Definitely worth it

by Lucas star star star star star

Had for the past three years a "simple & cheap" IKEA chair, where the only adjustment was height, and with no neck or head support (back support reached me only to my shoulders). With Corona and Home office, an upgrade was needed. I went for the EPIC Vinyl/PU Leather version. Since I'm only 1.68m, I also purchased the "-5cm gas lift", and the Memory foam pillow set. Shipping was okay, order was made on Wedensday evening, but I had to wait until Monday before I got it (delivery done by GLS, and they only do express on Saturdays). I got two packages, the chair came in a giant package (~27kg), and the other package (~3kg) contained the Memory foam pillows and the "-5cm gas lift". Assembly was surprisingly easy, I spent some time with the gas lift (I had read some reviews before ordering, where they said they had to do something extra, turned out it was because they had ordered the separate gas lift after testing the assembled chair). The only thing that was a bit hard to do alone was placing the seat onto the gas lift (assembly was done alone). I've had the chair for 6 days now, and I find it was truly worth the investment. I find my self sitting more ergonomically correct, and my body in general does not feel as "stiff" as it was with the old chair (with my old one I sat mostly bent over like Gollum). Some reviews I read said the chair can be a bit firm at first, but for me feels really good to sit in, both for seat and back (it feels just as good sitting in the chair without the back/neck pillows). The tilt mechanism is awesome, as it can hardened to you need to press your self hard backwards to even slightly tilt, or to the degree where its like floating in the air, and it feels like you're falling slowly backwards (when I had the back lowered into a near "dentist" position). One thing I'm still noticing is the chemical "vinyl smell", but only if I "sniff" the chair. For the first few days, I could smell it in my living room, but having windows and balcony door open helped airing out the chair and get rid of the smell. The only cons I have is the need to purchase a separate gas lift, and the rotation limit for the armrests. I measured before purchasing, hence I knew that my seat height (based on old chair) would be somewhere between 44-46cm. With the -5cm gas lift, my feets are a bit in the air when it is at its heighest (hence I'd recommend looking at "gas lift -5cm", if you're under 1.70m). The armrests only have 3 positions, and I would have preferred the possibility to have a position in-between. The armrests also feels a bit loose when you grab and shake them with the hand, which makes it sound a bit loose (you don't hear the sound if you wiggle your resting arm on it, only when wiggling it with your hand).

Bin mit dem Produkt sehr zufrieden!

by H. Meier star star star star star

Die Lieferung erfolgte 2 Tage nach der Online-Bestellung per GLS - im prognostizierten Zeitfenster. Sehr gut verpackt! (TARA ca. 5 kg!) Die PU-Leder-Variante des Produktes ist sehr gut verarbeitet, der haptische Eindruck ist ebenfalls sehr positiv! Nur ein leichter, PU-typischer Geruch (in der Nähe des Sessels) läßt einen realisieren, daß es sich beim Bezug nicht um Leder handelt. Bin mit dem Produkt sehr zufrieden! Personen, mit einer Körpergröße von 1,75 Meter und darunter sollten die minimale Höhe der Sitzfläche von ca. 48 cm beachten und ggf. gleich eine kürzere Gasdruckfeder mitbestellen. Im Bereich Kundenkommunikation hat Noblechairs allerdings noch Luft nach oben: Am Tag der Bestellung wurde ich nach 18 Uhr per Mail von Noblechairs informiert: "Ihre Bestellung bei noblechairs ist schon auf dem Weg!" Dem darin enthaltenen Link zur GLS-Sendungsverfolgung konnte ich jedoch entnehmen, daß die Paketsendung noch nicht übernommen worden sei. Meine Anfrage (nach dem Status der Warensendung) per Mail am Folgetag bei Noblechairs blieb leider unbeantwortet.

Klasse Stuhl!

by H.G star star star star star

Trotz Corona wurde der Stuhl durch Caseking schnell geliefert, Danke Caseking und Noblechairs. Die Lieferung erfolgte bei Gls, das Paket war recht schwer und sperrig und trotzdem war das Paket im einwandfreien Zustand. GLS Top!. Die Teile und Zubehör waren für den Aufbau perfekt eingepackt . Dank der schönen und verständlichen Anleitung, war das Aufbauen schnell und einfach. Es fehlte nichts, kein Kratzer oder ähnliches. Ich bin begeistert und kann den Stuhl absolut weiterempfehlen.

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